Have a Pest Problem That Isn’t Going Away?

We offer comprehensive pest control solutions for Residential, Commercial and Industrial buildings

Residential and Commercial Pest Control

We use a comprehensive 14-point process to rid your home of a variety of pests using safe and effective products that are completely non-toxic and won’t compromise air quality.

Bed Bug Treatment

Bedbugs may not carry disease, but they do cause a marked decrease in quality of life and disrupted sleep. Their bites cause severe itching and rash-like bumps on the skin. We can exterminate them effectively and safely.

Mosquito Control

In addition to being bothersome and leaving itchy welts, mosquitoes can also carry a variety of diseases like malaria, yellow fever and the Zika virus. Mosquito control can help keep your home and yard safe and irritant-free.

Lawn Fertilizer and Gutter Cleaning

A debris-clogged gutter can lead to serious issues like a leaky roof or water damage to the landscaping and structure of your home. We help protect it by routinely clearing your gutters. We also offer lawn fertilization to further add to the aesthetic of your home.

Have Pest-Related Questions?

Not sure what kind of pest you’re dealing with? Take a photo and drop us an email. We’ll identify it and provide you with an effective extermination solution.



Safety First

We stay clear of pesticides that affect air quality and are hazardous for people. Our pest control services use products that are effective and safe at the same time.

Trained Professionals

It can be nerve-wracking to trust strangers with your property. Our pest control experts are experienced, fully trained, and will handle your home with complete care.

Certified Pest Control Experts

Ivy Green Pest Control is a fully licensed and state-certified pest control company. All of our technicians and service administrators in DFW are fully qualified to serve you.

Comprehensive Pest Control Services

Different pests require different treatments. We’ve taken care of all kinds of infestations since our inception and aren’t fazed by anything. Have pests in the house? Our pest extermination company will get rid of them!

Our Process

We’ll evaluate your needs during a free consultation, recommend treatment, and discuss the expected results. Afterward, our quality assurance team in DFW will follow up to ensure you get the results we promised.

Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed

We want you to be happy with every aspect of the service you receive. After initial treatment our pest control experts will follow up to ensure that the job is done to your satisfaction. If there’s a problem, don’t hesitate to call so we can fix it for you!


Good job Matt. He treated the interior and exterior and took care of my spiders and fire ants. Couldn’t be happier.
Linda S
Steve was extremely professional and would recommend this company to anyone.
Christina M
Steve made sure to ask about our pets and vegetable gardens in the back before treating the yard. Turns out their products are pet friendly!
Trey G