Wasps have several benefits to us, but that’s the last thing on our minds when you find them buzzing around your home or place of work. How are wasps beneficial, you ask? Wasps prey on other tiny insects you don’t want around the house such as flies, caterpillars, crickets and other pesky bugs that come out during the warmer months of the year.

Generally, insects may be more of a problem during summer, but wasps become bothersome toward the end of the warm season. As summer comes to an end, wasp queens stop laying eggs. As a result, the nest declines and the wasps don’t need to gather as much as before. They become more focused on gathering carbohydrates and sweets—this is when you start seeing them around the house.

Wasp control services are usually needed in late summer and in fall. Exterminators can help eliminate existing wasps and remove the nest too. Wasp workers aren’t out to hurt humans, but they tend to get aggressive when scavenging food. They won’t attack you unless they feel threatened; however, if you see swarms in your backyard, you should definitely call exterminators.

Wasp stringers carry venom, which is transferred onto the skin after a sting. Stingers that become lodged into the skin will have to be removed. Even when the stinger doesn’t get stuck in the skin, wasp stings can cause irritation and pain. The venom may also trigger an allergic reaction in some people; these reactions can range from itchy hives to stomach pain.

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Wasp Control in DFW, Texas

Ivy Green Pest Control provides a range of pest control treatments in DFW, Texas including wasp extermination and wasp nest removal. With our help, you can finally get rid of the wasps that buzz around your yard and protect your family from stings.

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