Did you know there are more than 900 types of spiders that are native to Texas? Only a few of the spider species in Texas are dangerous to humans, but they’re still not nice to have around the house.

Venomous Spiders in DFW, Texas

Out of all the venous spiders in the world only, two are common in Texas: the brown recluse and the black widow.

Black widow spiders are black with a distinct hourglass shape. They can grow to be an inch and a half in size and are found in secluded places like outhouses, electrical/mechanical boxes, hollow stumps, and crawl spaces.

These spiders aren’t usually dangerous unless they are threatened. If you happen to come across a black widow spider, don’t attempt to remove them yourself. Call the professionals to take care of the spider for you.

Spider control in Texas can involve habitat modification, physical removal, or the application of pesticides in specific areas.

Although venomous, black widow spiders are not particularly aggressive unless they are protecting their egg sac. But they can and will bite if they are threatened, so black widow spider control should be left to professionals. Control may consist of physical removal, habitat modification, or the application of insecticides to infested areas.

Brown recluse spiders are often referred to as violin-shaped markings. These spiders build their webs outside in secluded areas. If they are inside the house, you’ll notice their webs behind objects or dark corners. Outside, they usually build their webs in manholes, utility tunnels and in hollow tree stumps. Most of their diet comes from scavenging instead of waiting for insects to get caught in their web.

Brown recluse spiders can bite people and cause swelling and redness in the area. In severe cases, their bites will cause fever, dizziness, joint pain and nausea. The skin surrounding the bite raises and becomes white.

Spider Exterminators in DFW, Texas

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