There are thousands of species of cockroaches all over the world, but only about 30 of them are considered house pests. These aren’t native to the country, but they’ve adapted in a way that allows them to thrive in all climates.

Roaches came to the United States the same way many of our ancestors did, via ships. A few insects can adapt to environments the way roaches do. Aside from the ability to adapt, roaches are also armed with an incredible defense system that allows them to stretch out their lives and multiply!

Roaches can reproduce ridiculously fast. At her prime, a female roach can produce two egg cases every week—each of which contains 16 eggs! No wonder they invade spaces as fast as they do!

Because roaches multiply so fast, it’s that much more important to have them exterminated the proper way.

Here are the common types of roaches you can find in buildings in DFW, Texas:

These can grow to 1.3 to 1.6 cm long and have tan stripes on the outside of their wings. They usually lurk around in warm areas such as stoves, at the back of refrigerators, on water heaters and near electronic devices.

What makes German cockroaches so distinct is that they carry their egg cases with them until they hatch. They have wings but only use them to land after flying down.

Oriental cockroaches can be found in dark and damp environments, such as areas with water leakage, crawl spaces, flooding, etc. These roaches don’t carry their egg cases around, they leave them around in various places making their young vulnerable to human interference.

These can grow up to a 1.5inches long. They can live for a year during which they have about 150 offspring.

The Palmetto Bug is primarily found in the tropical parts of the country. These kinds of roaches tend to move slower and aren’t really considered house pests; however, because they tend to occupy bathrooms and other hot and humid places, they can be unhygienic.

Cockroach Control in DFW, Texas

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