Amongst all the animal/insect-related deaths in the world, you wouldn’t think that mosquitoes would be the biggest threats to humans. Sharks and lions may be brutal hunters and snakes may carry venom, but they still don’t cause as many deaths as mosquitoes.

Mosquitoes fly around, carrying and spreading dangerous diseases—some of which are fatal. Although malaria is the most discussed mosquito-transmitted disease, there are many others that cause thousands of deaths all over the globe. These diseases include the Zika virus, yellow fever, chikungunya, and dengue fever.

Mosquitoes typically rest in areas covered in weeds or tall grass. They come into homes and other buildings to search for food—human blood. These insects breed wherever they can find standing water. If you have a house with a pool or live near a pond, you’ll notice mosquitoes during the night. They can also be found near buckets, old tires, artificial containers, plant pots, etc. Anything that holds stagnant water will attract mosquitoes.

There are different types of mosquitoes, each with their own threats. Our mosquito treatments are comprehensive as they cover all types of mosquitoes. Allow our mosquito control services in DFW to help you enjoy your time outdoors without worrying about disease and discomfort.

Mosquito Control Services in DFW, Texas

At Ivy Green Pest Control we offer comprehensive mosquito control and prevention services. With our monthly mosquito treatment, one of our trained technicians takes time to carefully mist each square foot of your outdoor space, focusing primarily on areas with grass and vegetation.

For those wanting a more intensive approach, we also provide and install fully functioning mosquito misting systems. With a misting system, or “mosquito mister,” customers are able to treat mosquitoes at their desired frequency and convenience with timed sprayers.

Both treatment options utilize non-toxic and eco-friendly pesticides to ensure that your yard stays mosquito-free. We can treat your mosquito problems effectively without spraying harmful toxins into the air so you and your family can remain safe, healthy, and comfortable.

Want to get rid of mosquitoes from your home in DFW, Texas? Contact us at (682) 702-3203!