Five Sure Signs Your Tarrant County Home Has A Cockroach Problem

February 15, 2021

It isn’t hard to know that cockroaches are a problem. What is hard to figure out is when you have a cockroach problem. These invasive pests do not always make their presence apparent when they invade homes. Often, they just cause trouble and leave homeowners none the wiser. To help you better identify cockroaches around your Tarrant County home, here are five sure signs to know these pests are around.

cockroach in a home

Live Roaches

Although cockroaches are great at hiding and staying out of sight, the occasional roach will wander out into the open. When this happens, you have to know how to identify it to know that it is a cockroach. To help you with this here are some universal traits to recognize a roach.
Cockroaches are oval to teardrop-shaped pests with flat multicolored bodies, often with unique markings or patterns. Roaches in our area can be as large as 1 ½ inch long and as small as ½ of an inch in total length. Finally, all roaches have two long antennae and six bristled, oddly bent legs.

Cockroach Droppings

Roaches pay little to no mind to where they leave their excrement around homes. Identify cockroach excrement by its similarities to coffee grounds, pepper, or small dark rice. Look for these excretions around your home in the back of drawers, around pantries, and near other areas cockroaches congregate. 

Smear Marks

Cockroaches love spending time around stoves and other greasy areas. Roaches drag this grease around homes as they travel across floorboards. Common areas to find this sign include along the floor near baseboards, around appliances, and on kitchen surfaces.

Egg Capsules

Instead of laying individual eggs, female cockroaches lay a capsule that holds anywhere from 30 to 50 eggs. These capsules take roughly 45 days to hatch and are identifiable by their sleek, sometimes ribbed, long cylindrical appearance. Look for egg capsules beneath large kitchen appliances and around other dirty and cramped areas around your home.

Shed Skin

As a cockroach develops it sheds its skin. On average it takes a nymph 215 to 400 days to become fully mature. In this time, it goes through five stages of development, shedding a total of four times. If you find these sheddings around your Tarrant County home, you can be certain cockroaches are around.

The Dangers Of Roaches

A cockroach capable of spreading six different parasitic worms, seven dangerous human pathogens, and 33 known species of bacteria. They spread these disease-causing organisms around homes with their bodies and excrement. Some of the most common diseases this pest spreads include salmonellosis, typhoid fever, and cholera.
Another problem cockroaches bring into homes comes with their shed skin and fecal droppings. Just like dust, these byproducts get into the air in the form of rough particulates and cause breathing problems for individuals with asthma and allergies. As cockroach infestations become more severe, these problems grow worse as well.

How To Handle Roaches

When roaches invade, they can be a pain to get back out. If you would rather not waste your money, time, and energy on DIY efforts and would like a more straightforward solution to cockroach problems, let the professionals at Ivy Green Pest Control help. 
Our team is dedicated to keeping homes protected from dangerous pests, and they would be happy to implement comprehensive strategies around your property to keep it defended year-round. Contact us today for more information about our pest control options and schedule a time to have one of our qualified services technicians inspect your Tarrant Country property for pests.

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