Five Simple Mosquito Prevention Tips For Tarrant County Properties

April 15, 2021

It makes sense that these creepy crawlers are called pests; they are aggravating for so many reasons. They incessantly buzz around humans or crawl on belongings and food. Their intrusions are frequent. If they procreate quickly, their presence can be even more overwhelming. Subsequently, they’ll be tough to get rid of. This is especially true if they’re tiny and nest in places that are difficult to reach. The worst part is that they often can harm you. You might be injured or contract an illness. Mosquitoes, for example, are known for transmitting disease.

a mosquito biting human skin

Mosquitoes spread such impactful diseases, they’re considered to be the most dangerous bugs on earth. Every time you’re bitten by one and they drink your blood, you could become deathly ill. Having bumps on your skin that are itchy and red is the least of it. Use these five tips from Ivy Green Pest Control to prevent mosquitoes in Tarrant County.

Tip #1 Don’t Put off Lawn Work  

Lawns provide mosquitoes with several of the elements they need for survival, including nectar and moisture. Therefore, taking care of your yard is often the first step in the prevention process. Don’t procrastinate! Regularly trim your grass, shrubs, and bushes. The same goes for flowers and plants. Greenery should be two feet or more away from your property. When you’ve finished sprucing things up, remove organic debris. Then, flush out your gutters and vents. This should be done on a routine basis. Clean any mosquito traps you’ve set as well. Some important facts about mosquitoes are:

  1. They are 0.12 to 0.35 of an inch long
  2. Their bodies are scaly, as are their wings
  3. Defined noses and finely thin legs are among their features
  4. Female mosquitoes are the ones that absorb blood; it’s for egg production
  5. Dusk is when they are most active

Tip #2 Keep Standing Water to a Minimum

Once more, water is vital to the life cycle of a mosquito. Females especially need it for successful breeding. Larvae take organisms from it. Home and business owners with properties near bodies of water should stay vigilant about mosquito deterrence. Control the number of standing pools on your land by performing tasks like frequently draining swimming areas and drying pet water bowls.

Tip #3 Find Some Candles

Candles that contain essential oils are multifaceted. They create ambient lighting, emit a soothing aroma, and can repel pesky mosquitoes. The bugs have an aversion to the ingredients.

Mosquitoes usually enter homes and businesses through open doors and windows. They float around until they can find a dark and quiet space to settle in, such as a closet. Of course, spots with any moisture are most ideal. For instance, a laundry room or basement sink. 

Tip #4 Try Not to Wear Dark Colors

Like many pests, mosquitoes depend on coloring to identify and see their prey. The darker the hue, the easier it is for them to find their target. If you’re going to be in an environment that’s friendly to these insects, avoid wearing blue or black. 

Tip #5 Contact Ivy Green Pest Control

Without proper mosquito management, you or someone else will be at risk for:

  • Encephalitis
  • Zika virus
  • West Nile Virus
  • Severe skin swelling or inflammation
  • Extreme skin irritation

While the previously mentioned tips can be helpful, they have limitations. Burning candles generate attracting carbon monoxide, case in point. Retail products are either too harsh or have temporary effectiveness. The professional interventions of Ivy Green Pest Control are your best bet. Our experienced technicians will thoroughly apply a safe, industrial-grade mist to eliminate mosquito groups. Misting systems that have a timer can be installed at your request. Call us today at Ivy Green Pest Control and get a free quote!

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