Bed bugs are tiny, brown, oval-shaped insects that feed on human and animal blood. Full-grown bed bugs have bodies as large as apple seeds. After bed bugs have eaten, their bodies swell up and turn red in color.

These pesky little insects come into your home through luggage, used furniture, bedding and clothing. Their tiny bodies allow them to hide in the smallest spaces; you’ll spot them on mattresses, bed frames, box springs and headboards—basically any place where they have easy access to humans.

Avail our bed bug treatments in DFW and areas nearby to make sure your good nights’ sleep is never disturbed!

Bed bugs usually bite at night when people are asleep. They’ll pierce the skin by inserting their elongated beaks to withdraw blood. They feed for 3-10 minutes until they swell up and walk away. If you leave bed bugs untreated for long enough, they will spread to other rooms.

Since bed bugs are usually found in bedrooms, Ivy Green Pest Control uses non-toxic chemicals to treat them. We take extra care looking after your bedding, drapes and furniture during extermination to ensure that none of your property is damaged. Our aim is to efficiently remove bed bugs and make your room safe for reuse as soon as possible.